Become a cultural icon in your city to local travel enthusiasts interested in your culture—IT’S FREE.

Bring in new customers and more revenue by treating your menu and inventory like pages from a travel book on the country you represent! We're accepting hosts, including local restaurants, cafes, shops, boutiques, and musicians offering a piece of international culture that enthusiasts ought to taste, try, do, or see in the Austin, Washington, DC, and New York City areas.

How it Works is Simple

Pick a day/time once a month to host our group for a 30 minute themed CULTURE TALK you choose through dining, entertainment or lifestyle.


We'll promote the event across our network, and then email you a list of RSVP's starting 24 hours prior to the scheduled CULTURE TALK.

Simply share a cultural narrative through your craft at the monthly CULTURE TALK. Customers pay you directly for purchases at the event.

Why become a host:

When you become a cultural partner, you join us in spreading knowledge, love and respect across cultures by inviting people to discover the world through your business. We are changing the way people see travel, by inspiring people to attend our CULTURE TALKS hosted by businesses in their backyards in addition to guidebooks, online media or shows about countries. You get to share a cultural story through your business and list them at no out-of-pocket cost just for opening your doors to people curious about your culture! 

Benefits of hosting:

You can host a CULTURE TALK about international food, drink, music, arts, shopping, or lifestyle traditions or activities typically experienced abroad. Choose the same theme monthly or change it up whenever you want. As a host, we will provide you with questions to spur your 30 minute conversation with guests, centered around the countr(ies) you represent and your craft. You can present your craft through a look at your standard menu tour, prix-fixe, or a tour. 

Guests attend because they value your knowledge and time. Although it's optional, our most successful hosts will offer attendees a token welcome such as a complimentary beverage or shared sampler, or even something nominal like extended happy hour prices or a small percentage off purchases at the event with their purchase.

We take nothing from our host partners. Rather, we charge our members a $5 cover when reserving their spot on our platform to the event you're hosting. We keep the fee, and you receive enthusiastic customers and new revenue from what they buy at the event.  

  • share your craft with people who value and want to learn about your culture

  • add a new revenue channel from what enthusiasts buy during the gathering

  • free advertising of your business across our network in web and social ads

  • inclusion in articles we write on culture in our culture magazine

  • opportunity for new and return customers who read/attend our events

Since we don't charge hosts, partners are happy to mutually cross-promote the event across their social network.

Interested in adding a CULTURE TALK to your social calendar?

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