Become a cultural icon in your city to local travel enthusiasts interested in your culture—IT’S FREE.

Do you offer a piece of an international culture that enthusiasts ought to taste, try, do, or see? Contact us now if you’re in Austin, Houston, Miami, DC, NYC, or San Francisco, and we’ll share your business story and the special promotional event you host with enthusiasts around you—at NO COST TO YOU.

Pick a day and time once a month
to host a special themed event you choose about int'l dining, entertainment or lifestyle.


Receive promotion of your event as a cultural icon across our network, and a list of RSVP's starting 24 hours prior to event.

Share a cultural narrative through your craft and simply offer an incentive. Customers pay you directly for purchases at the event.

Why become a host:

When you become a cultural partner, you join us in spreading knowledge, love and respect across cultures by inviting people to discover the world through your business. We are changing the way people see travel, by inspiring people to look inside their backyards for travel inspiration first and beyond guidebooks, online media or shows about countries. 

Benefits of hosting:

As a host, you get to share a cultural story through your business and list exclusive promotions at no out-of-pocket cost just for opening your doors to people curious about your culture! Host an event about international food, drink, music, arts, shopping, or lifestyle activities typically experienced abroad, and partner with us as to give our community of culture and travel enthusiasts ways to find, explore and experience cultures locally.

The value of the incentive you offer can be a complimentary beverage, shared appetizer, dessert, or discount like a happy hour or coupon. We charge our subscribers a $5 cover to reserve a ticket to the event you're hosting. We keep the fee and you receive enthusiastic customers and new revenue from what they buy within the theme at the event! 

  • offer promotional incentives that get passed to the customer directly

  • added revenue from what enthusiasts buy during the gathering

  • free advertising of your business across our network per gathering you host

  • inclusion in articles we write on our travel magazine

  • opportunity for new and return customers who read/attend

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